Facts about Zambia

Republic of Zambia became independent of the United Kingdom on 24 October 1964

 Population 14, 63 (in 2014)

 Area  752,618 km2  

 Capital Lusaka

 Official language English


64% of population lives on $1 or less a day

46% of population is under the age 15

14,3% of population (age 15-49) is infected with HIV/AIDS

150 000-170 000 children (0-14 years) are living with HIV

Leading cause of mortality: HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia.

1, 6 million orphans.

Zambia has one of the highest burden of under nutrition in children under 5 in Africa; malnutrition accounts 80% of all deaths in children under five.

53% in children under five have anaemia, more than 45% are stunted

Every 8th child dies before the age 5.

Infant mortality over 10%

Every 4th child aged between 7-13 cannot attend school

The current doctor to population ratio 1:23,000 (WHO recommend 1:5,000). Operations with little or no anaesthetics. There is no cardiothoracic surgeon in the country. 300 young cardiac patients on waiting list.

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