Orphans in Minambe

Orphans in Minambe village needing sponsors: Check out our photo gallery at Facebook.  

Minambe village is quite a new mission station in the Calvary Ministries network. The local church is led by pastor Brian Mwape, under the supervision of pastor Joseph Bwalya. There are over 300 hungry children in the village, over 50 of them are orphans. Pastors are able to feed them 5 times a week, but that is far from being enough. Those children are so hungry and undernourished that it has shocked even their experienced Zambian pastors.

Orphans’ needs are enormous. But first of all, every child needs a personal monthly sponsor, urgently. Also there is a great need of blankets and mattresses. Cold nights from May to August, when the temperature can sink as low as 5°C, is for a young malnourished orphan sleeping on the ground especially challenging.

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