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The autumn trip on 15 – 26 October, 2015 to Zambia helped to clarify the goals and priorities. Riina and Andres Aasa and Piret Sipria from Estonia, together with Per and Rose-Marie Lindborg from Sweden, visited Copperbelt province and by what they saw, they decided to increase cooperation and support for the orphan school education and The ENFYS Foundation Orphan Centre in general. The latter, located in Mufulira District, Murundu, has increased their activities greatly in a short period of time. We find that concentrating our resources into one area promises to bring better results rather than spreading the support to different regions that are away from each other.


As a result of devoted activities by ENFYS, a school has been built for the orphans (on the picture) that is waiting for furniture and teaching aids. Also the teachers work here for a very low pay.


ENFYS is being lead professionally and their reporting is on the level of European standards. They communicate openly and in an operative manner with their partners, that among other things helps to avoid duplication with other charity organisations. ENFYS is planning to build a vocational school for orphans as well.


The Aid programs by The Friends of Zambia are continuing. Chicken breeding programme that started as a campaign has grown into a continuing help programme. New continuing programmes that have been added are Help the Teacher, School Equipment, Digging Wells, Building Roofs.


Lack of water that spread all over Zambia is also a critical problem in Murundu and Minambe. We can help by digging the wells.

While visiting Zambia this autumn, we mapped out 11 orphan clay houses that needed rain proof roofs.


We are thankful to National Foundation of Civil Society (http://www.kysk.ee/nfcs), who gave us a travel grant, enabling us to map the situation and needs in Zambia, meet our partners and discuss things with them.


On the photo: a sheet metal roof was built in October for a family of six, where the father, Emmanuel (in the trolley), is handicapped. The local people learned work methods during the building process from building master Andres Aasa.

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The coming on board of friends of Zambia has greatly enhanced and helped us work more effiently and reaching out to more orphans, when you came, we had 80 Orphans at the school. We now have 163 kids at school. To God all the glory!
Joseph bwalya July 04, 2016
As a results of your coming and partnering with you, we have cleaning running water and not only orphans but many people sorrounding us are benefiting from this project. One house has been roofed and we are building another house which be roofed soon. We have also engaged three more teachers. We thank God for all you are doing. We have bought the land for a Vocation School.
Joseph Bwalya July 04, 2016
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