Project BPB: Buy Pastor a Bicycle!
Friends of Zambia is calling on people to donate bicycles for the pastors working in the rural regions of Zambia.

This pressing need became undeniably clear, when the Friends of Zambia chairwoman Riina Aasa visited Bishop Benson Chiwoma and the Calvary Christian Church and Ministries network in December 2014 and January 2015.

According to Bishop Chiwoma, at least 20 of the network's pastors are walking every day tens of kilometres, from one village to another, visiting the needy, the sick, the elderly, and the orphans. It is definitely time-consuming and arduous.

Those missionary pastors are deeply devoted men of God, committed to ministering to their people and the Church. For example, last autumn, pastor Godson Matewu left his well-run church in the city of Chingola, and moved to one of the remotest and poorest bush regions in the country, Luwingu. Pastor Godson has 8 children and no income to support his family or his missionary endeavours. He would be one of those, whose burden a bicycle would ease tremendously. A good and sturdy bicycle costs $125 (115 €), an unattainable sum for pastors like Godson.


 In 2014, a bicycle was donated to a pastor in Kapiri Mposi, Albert Mulunga.  Now, while in Zambia, Mrs Riina Aasa met his wife Mirriam. According to Mrs  Mulunga has pastor Albert's health significantly improved after receiving this  long-awaited vehicle. 


Initiation of the campaign of that time came from one of the NGO's board  members, pastor Tiit Kuusemaa, who himself got a bicycle from their sponsoring church in Finland two decades ago. That bicycle served him well in ministering to another church 14 km away.

If you have ever felt the need of a financial assistance in acquiring a needed means of transport, would you now consider helping those Zambian pastors? It would mean so much. Thank you.

While making your donation of any size, please specify on the comment field: Bicycle.

Donation details:

Account name: MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Bank:  SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB)  

Account number: EE421010220230977223

Adress of the NGO:

MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Elva tee 6

Puhja alevik

Tartumaa 61301


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