Digging wells

Clean water is lacking in the whole of Zambia. During the dry season, the wells can be dry for months. Lack of water causes crop failure on the fields and using polluted water causes spread of diseases.


It is expensive to dig wells. In order to get to the water, the depth for digging by hand needs to be at least 19-24 meters.


We can help by digging wells, and with additional finances also drilling wells in villages and installing water tanks. 


Donate amount chosen by you by indicating “well”, every Euro counts!


Donations can be made to MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad bank account SEB, EE421010220230977223

Donation account details:

Account name: MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Bank:  SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB)  

Account number: EE421010220230977223

Adress of the NGO:

MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Elva tee 6

Puhja alevik

Tartumaa 61301


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