Help An Orphan

In Zambia (population 14, 63 million in 2014), there are 1,6 million orphans – giving it the highest per
capita orphan rate in the world. Our partner organization, The Enfys Foundation in Murundu, Zambia, is taking care of more than 200 orphans and vulnerable children who have lost their parents or providers to AIDS, TB, malaria or other causes.

Suggested minimum support 23€ ($25) per month provides staple food nshima (corn meal mush) and hygiene items.

Some children would also need help with school fees, 100-300€ ($110-330) a year, depending on the age of the child, and the school.

The support can also be general - which means that your donation will go directly to those who need help the most. It is also possible to choose to support a child. Please click the link to see the ones needing sponsorship. Contact us to find out the needs of the specific child you would like to support. Suggested length of the latter commitment is minimum 1 year.

Donations can be made to the Friends of Zambia Estonian bank account:

Account name: MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Bank:  SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB)  

Account number: EE421010220230977223

Adress of the NGO:

MTÜ Sambia Sõbrad

Elva tee 6

Puhja alevik

Tartumaa 61301


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